Vedic Art, founded by Curt Källman, have as  official representative  of Vedic Art in Poland Halina Lucka. Authorisation is issued by the Vedic Arts founder Curt Källman and his son Johannes Källman who is international responsibility for Vedic Art since summer   of 2010.

Jacek Wojciech Poteralski is also appointed by the family Källman in cooperation with Halina Lucka to act as a contact person of Vedic Art in Poland. Halina Lucka and Jacek Wojciech Poteralski have family Källman`s  support in their work as representatives of Vedic Art in Poland. web pages has been recognized as the official website of Vedic Art in Poland.

We want this method to work and spread in a dignified and harmonious manner in accordance with the original idea.

* There is a document sent to all teachers, August 23, 2010 *

* Which contains the principles of educating  in VA .*

The document  unite the teachers VA  and allow the method to continue in its purity and perform its function.

We want to express the importance of accepting a common structure of Vedic Art education and that all of us who are Vedic Art teacher working from national instructions and not create hybrids, changing knowledge or bring in foreign elements in the  teaching.

Curt Källman is very pleased to see Vedic Art  expand through out the world and wants to give his greetings to all Vedic Art painters in Poland!

Johannes Källman 2010-11-16